Have you been thinking about hiring a cleaner for your business?

It is difficult to make the decision to hire a cleaner, it costs money, you don't know if you can trust someone in your building after hours, and whats the point if it's just going to get dirty again the second the door opens?

I know those are real concerns. I am here to tell you there is in fact a point in having your business cleaned. It increases productivity by boosting morale, less people call in sick, when people are healthy they tend to be happier and better employees.

Studies have shown that the average desk phone has 25,000 bacteria per square inch. When those aren't being cleaned, the results could be disastrous. Areas people don't regularly wipe like elevator buttons, ATM's, door handles, and light switch plates are all high touch areas that hide thousands of bacteria. Did you know that the average office desk can have 400 times the amount of germs that a toilet seat has? Getting your business cleaned is a very important role in a healthy work environment.

It is hard to find a cleaner you can trust to do a good job when nobody is around. We hear all the time about how a company hired a solo cleaner that ended up getting caught on camera stealing, or wouldn't have safety data sheets for their chemicals, or just couldn't fit them in to their schedule sometimes. Wyoming Corporate Cleaners has a very detailed hiring process, we do background checks, we drug test, we pay our employees well and treat them well. They are trustworthy and do a good job. We believe that the key to quality is happy cleaners.

Don't second guess having your business cleaned call us today for a free quote 307-670-9487

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