Places to Visit in Wyoming

Wyoming, home to more than 17.5 million acres of public lands that get 2.9 million visitors annually. Wyoming has 1,400 miles of national scenic and historic trails and 42 wilderness study areas. It has three major national parks and an endless amount of outdoor activities to keep you busy. This is a list of some of the major sites to see. First off, of course Yellowstone.

Yellowstone, Location: Northwest corner of Wyoming.

You could spend and entire week in Yellowstone National Park and still not get the full experience. The southwest area of the park is where a majority of the geysers are. The park has more than 300 active geysers the most famous being Old Faithful because it erupts on average every 95 minutes. The Northern area is riddled with waterfalls the park has more than 290! There are 92 trail heads that access around 1000 miles of trails, and you can expect to see tons of buffalo, elk, moose, bears, and even wolves. It is the worlds first national park and its an outdoors mans' paradise.

Devils Tower. Location: Northeast Wyoming near the town of Hulett.

Yellowstone was the first national park, but Devils tower was the first national monument. It is a 5,112 ft tall butte made out of igneous rock. Scientists think it was formed underground by molten magma, over millions of years the sedimentary rock around it eroded away and exposed this massive monument. there is a 1.3 mile trail that brings you around the entire structure and if you're daring, its a popular rock climbing attraction.

Thermopolis, location: Almost in the exact center of Wyoming

A town of 2,937 people. It is a fun place to visit due to the Hot Spring State Park where you can swim in natural hot springs. They also have a dinosaur museum there (if you don't like the sulfur smell of the hot springs) and driving through the wind river canyon which is Hwy 20 south to Shoshoni is beautiful. You can also go white water rafting on the river.

The Bighorn Mountains, Location: Northern Wyoming Southern Montana.

I am not even going to try to list everything you can do in the Bighorns but I will list some of the things I have done. Take the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway from Buffalo to Tensleep, you go past the Meadowlark Ski Lodge, Deer Haven Lodge, and through the Tensleep Canyon which is awe-inspiring. There is a monument in the canyon devoted to a man named Gilbert E. Leigh who had fallen 100 feet do his death during a hunting trip in the canyon.

Crazy Woman Canyon is a canyon that is Northwest of Buffalo, it has a road going through it called Crazy Woman Canyon Road. heading west on 16 take a left onto 33 and you're there. Its a 13.2 mile long road that runs along Crazy Woman Creek. Just go there. It is breath taking.

I have been on dozens of hikes in the Bighorns my two favorites both start at West Tensleep Lake behind Deer Haven Lodge. One leads you to a waterfall called West Tensleep Falls and is a very easy 0.7 mile hike. The other trail leads you into the Cloud peak wilderness, you can day hike to Misty Moon Lake passing lake Helen and Lake Marion which is 12.5 miles out and back, or you can take a couple of days and summit Cloud Peak (the highest point in the Bighorns) which is 22.5 miles out and back. While you're up there you might want to climb bomber mountain and see the remains of a WWII airplane that crashed up there in 1943.

Hole in the Wall, Location: Near Kaycee Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains

It used to be a hideout for outlaws in the Wild West, Butch Cassidy and Jesse James were regulars. Here in present day it is just a remote pass that you can camp or hike around in. It is accessible by a series of dusty two-track roads through the sage brush. When you get the the top you can see 360 degrees around which is why the outlaws liked it so much.

Flaming Gorge, Location: Southwest Wyoming, south of I-80 between Green River and Rock Springs.

The largest reservoir in Wyoming with 43 campgrounds, over 700 campsites, and 360 miles of shoreline. You can camp, fish, hike, ride horses, observe wildlife, and swim.

Jackson: A town in mid-west Wyoming

Population 10,529. Renowned for its' skiing and snowboarding. It has 3 separate lodges to choose from, the National Museum of Wildlife Art (which features art by Andy Warhol and Georgia O'keefe), there is a national elk refuge nearby, and you can take tours of the national park. The town itself is very well kept and has some fun bars and restaurants. It is hard to be bored in Jackson Wyoming.

There are thousands of places Wyoming has to offer such as Hells' Half Acre outside of Casper Wyoming (scenes from the movie Starship Troopers were filmed there), The Grand Teton National Park, and on and on...We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state, like my husbands grandma always says "If you're bored, you're boring."

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