Questions from your cleaners

If you are looking for a company to come in and clean your house, here are some details you should let them know so that they can better understand you as a client and better understand their marketing strategies.

1. What are you looking for in a cleaning company?

Is it the cost? I do suggest that you don't go with the cheapest company in town, they probably don't pay their employees well, drug test them, or do background checks. All of these directly effect the quality of your clean.

Is it quality? Please understand that all cleaning companies hire humans and because of that, you will get human errors. Maybe instead look for how they handle situations when things get overlooked.

Is it professionalism? Showing up in logo'd cars and wearing uniforms with the company name makes them easy to identify. Being polite, not cussing, and not smoking before they enter your house is also being professional.

Is it a Green clean? Some companies offer a green choice for the chemicals used in your house so that you don't have to worry about if harmful chemicals were completely rinsed off or if they accidentally got some on your food or toothbrushes.

Do you need a safety oriented company? To ensure your house will be locked up properly, the employees themselves need to be trustworthy, and also not set cleaning totes or vacuums in a walk way as a trip hazard.

2. Do you check your e-mail?

Here at Wyoming Corporate Cleaners we email receipts, reminders for the next scheduled cleaning, and a rating of your clean afterwards. It is how we stay in contact with the customer. We do have the option for texting the reminders and ratings also. Please understand that every cleaning company wants to know when things are missed so they have the chance to fix it and make it right. It also teaches the cleaners how to be more detail oriented. We can't fix it if we don't know that you're upset so responding to emails or texts is critical.

3. How often do you want your house cleaned?

Every other week is by far the most popular because it is cost effective and it is just enough time for a house to get dirty enough to need to be scrubbed again. Some prefer weekly but that can get expensive and others want monthly but that is a lot of time in between cleans and the house can get really dirty. We don't suggest you do not go over a month in between cleans because it is hard to schedule and it takes longer to clean once the cleaners get there.

4. How did you hear about the company?

It is a small detail for the customer but an important statistic for the company. Knowing where potential customers heard about them helps companies better understand their markets so they don't waste so much money on advertising. That money could have been spent on higher quality tools or raises for employees.

5. What is the reason you don't already have a cleaning company?

Is it because your last company failed? Let them know what they did wrong so they don't make the same mistakes! Have you never had a cleaner before? That is also an important bit of information so they can tell you what to expect on your cleaning. for example most companies charge extra for the baseboards to get hand wiped, don't move heavy furniture such as couches, and charge extra to clean window panes. These are all things people might assume get done and think the cleaners were being lazy when they notice they were not.

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