How a Professional Cleans a Master Bathroom

Once my employees are trained and have passed their 90 day evaluation, I expect them to be able to clean even the largest master bathroom in 45 minutes, usually it's 35. This does not include the first time we clean someones bathroom or in move out cleans because those can take hours. This time is set for bathrooms we clean on a recurring basis. It may seem like a good amount of time but once you're in that situation, those minutes fly by.

We have a variety of different chemicals and tools to clean a bathroom with:

  • Probiotic cleaner: Glass cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner

  • CLR: Calcium build up

  • Acidic toilet bowl cleaner

  • Barkeepers friend: sinks, showers, and tubs

  • A rough sponge for scrubbing showers, tubs, and sinks

  • A couple different sized grout brushes

  • Melamine foam

  • Toilet brush

  • Small trash bags

  • Squeegee

  • And our probiotic floor cleaner

Vacuum the floor first

I start out by asking the vacuum person to vacuum the bathroom for me, they need to do that first because I don't want to fight with any extra hair and they can't vacuum it last because the floor will be a little wet and its bad for vacuums to suck up water. I prefer vacuuming the floor over sweeping because it picks up more debris.

Apply Chemical

I go around and spray all areas with the probiotic, Spray the sink, the toilet, the tub, and the shower. I spray everything all at once so it gives the chemicals time to dwell and its fastest to clean everything all at once not each area individually it is more ergonomic and efficient since I will not be bending over to pick up a chemical throughout the entire cleaning. I then apply Barkeepers friend and toilet bowl cleaner to the appropriate areas.


After the chemical is applied, start in the shower so you can get it out of the way and this gives it the longest amount of time to dry on its own so you aren't using too many rags. Deciding your tools depends on what the shower is made of, but in every shower you need at least a sponge and some sort of small brush (even if there is no tile you need to scrub the shower head, faucet, and door track. I scrub the entire shower from top to bottom including the glass doors then I immediately rinse it so the chemical doesn't dry to the walls, after I rinse it I squeegee the walls and doors to help it dry faster.

While I'm waiting for the shower to dry I head over to the tub and scrub and rinse that also. Making sure to use my small grout brush around the faucet and inside the jets. I squeegee it also before I move on to the next area.

The sinks are the 3rd area I scrub making sure use the grout brush around the faucet and the drain. I rinse them and squeegee the counters off into the sink. (if it's an inlet sink)

Last I scrub the toilet inside and out using a small brush specifically for toilets to clean around the hinges. Now that everything is scrubbed, and rinsed all I have left is to dry, clean the mirrors, dust, and mop.

Dust, Dry and Mirrors

Starting with cleaning the mirrors, Spray the entire thing with probiotic and wipe it down. We don't just clean the dirty part at the bottom, we do the entire thing because it gets dusty and you never know if there is a streak up top you can't see. Next I grab a brown microfiber cloth and dust the fixtures above the sink then dry the sink and counter (moving everything and wiping all soap dishes, dispensers, or anything else on the counter) from top to bottom wiping the faces of the cabinets last. With that same rag (if its not dirty) I go around and dust the bathroom wiping towel racks, pictures, shelves, doors, ect... I throw that rag into a dirty rag bag and get another clean rag.

Dry the toilet throw that rag in the dirty bag, dry the tub, then dry the shower last.

Mop Floor

I replace everything in the shower and get a rag wet with floor cleaner, starting at the back of the bathroom mopping backwards towards the exit so I'm not stepping on a clean floor. I mop on my hands and knees making sure to grab the baseboards and check the bathroom as I go. (Looking at areas in a different angle helps you spot things you may have missed)

Once I'm done with the floor I wait for it to dry so I can replace the rugs and trash cans. It is very detailed work and you need to stay focused during the entire process otherwise it will take longer or you could forget something.

That is how detailed we get in just 1 bathroom imagine how much more we do in the rest of the house!

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