What do House Cleaners stress about?

Every company gets bad employees sometimes and yes sometimes those employees cut corners and just come in for a paycheck. In this article I am not talking about those employees. I'm talking about the single mom that shows up in a good mood even though her baby kept her up all night, or the worker that takes the extra time in a house (and doesn't get paid for it) to do something special for the customer just to make them smile, or the energetic bubbly girl that is always trying to make her co-workers smile because she is going through a rough time and doesn't want anyone to feel like she does.

Those are the employees that I hope to keep around for a long time and those are the ones I am defending in this article.

1. Time Issue: As a company we try to be fair to our customers with our hourly pricing and at the same time be fair to our employees on how much time we give to clean the houses. They have a very strict time limit in each house and are able to hit their times down to the minute in most houses. This talent comes from a very extensive training program and dedicated workers

2. Quality Issue: W.C.C cleaners are very dedicated and really do put a lot of effort in what they do. We have in the past had some employees that would cut corners or just didn't fully grasp the importance of quality and that is why those people no longer work for us.

Unfortunately that leaves the hard working employees in a bad position because one bad employee ruined the reputation of an entire crew.

Instead of a customer over-looking a rug being put back in the wrong spot or the cross bar under a side table getting missed, they notice and start taking offense because they think the cleaners are deliberately being lazy.

It is very hard to gain a customers trust back after a bad employee ruins it. That is one of the most stressful and difficult parts of this job: to be told you're being lazy but you really did try your best and worked hard but someone else ruined it for you.

3. Repetition: Doing the same houses over and over every week can be very repetitive. Sometimes we feel like we aren't making a difference or that we aren't appreciated because we usually only hear from customers if something gets over-looked.

We really appreciate it when customers go out of their way to tell us how good we did or to reply to our star rating email. It makes us feel better about ourselves, shows us people actually notice when we do something good, and gives us confidence that we are doing a good job. (which we really do feel like we are because we work our tails off).

4.We are our own worst enemy: I'm sure you have experienced this at some point in your life, getting heavily criticized for a mistake you made and lost sleep over how stupid you feel. The same goes for good house cleaners.

Keep in mind that everyone misses things and everyone makes mistakes. How you handle the mistake afterwards is what is right or wrong. Now if we get a complaint and I talk to my employees about it and they don't see the problem or make excuses as to why that certain area didn't get cleaned to WCC standards, I know that person is not going to go far with this company.

However if they take responsibility and in essence beat themselves up for it and learn from their mistakes that cleaner is going to go far, not just with WCC but also in life.

5. Pick up each others slack and work as a team: When you work with the same people day after day you start building a friendship. (sometimes it goes the other way, but we don't work with poisonous people) For the most part we all get along and really care about each other.

If one cleaner is having an off day, the others will pick up any slack with no hesitation. We all win as a team but we also lose as a team, if someone misses an area it's everyone's fault because the team mates didn't catch it either.

This makes for a fun work environment, when you love your job, enjoy your co-workers, and get treated well by the management you tend to work harder than you would if it was unbearable to come to work.

I really appreciate my cleaners they are the goofiest, friendliest, most hard working group of people I have worked with. I love coming to work everyday and cracking jokes with them in the morning before they head out. They take criticism very well and really do amazing work. Sometimes I get on them more than I should or I get more upset than I should about a complaint. At the end of the day though, I hope they feel appreciated ad like they are apart of something good.

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