Why it's Important to Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

License and Insured

They call them accidents for a reason… people don’t set out wanting to wreck a car, break a leg, or break a household item, but these things on occasion do happen. What about an acidic cleaner on a stone for polished floor? What about cleaning chemicals that makes your puppy sick? These are the reasons a professional cleaning company costs more…. they are worth it.

Background and Driver’s License Checks

Background checks cost us an average of $56.25 but are well worth the cost of doing business to make sure the people that are cleaning homes and facilities are not hiding anything.

Drug Testing

Pre-employment, random, post-accident, and suspicion testing. We do them all, we not only have a third party that does the testing but they also send us the list of employee’s on the random list. We do annually supervisor and manager classes on what to look for and how to approach if an employee is suspected to be under the influence.

Consistent and Reliable

You get on a schedule and are able to know the day we will be there. This is one of the biggest reasons switch to WCC. They say we cost more but we show up on the days we say we are going to show up.

Professionally Trained

Whether it’s a home, mine, commercial cleaning tech our training takes between 4-6 weeks to fully train and get them up to speed. This includes an in depth class on pH of chemicals and knowing where and where not to use them. At their 90 day evaluation they must pass a 15 question test in order to receive a raise. As we interview applicants that have worked for other people or companies we have never encountered anyone that has been given the time to properly train them. When we ask about their training some answers are shocking at how little training they received.

Sometimes being a professional company doesn’t allow us to do all that a person not caring about OSHA or liabilities will do. Like moving big furniture, climbing on counters to wipe high areas, and doing dishes and laundry. We try to stay within the boundaries that we believe we can be the best in the world at, and that is reoccurring cleaning services.

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