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Things to do in Gillette now that you don't have to clean your house.

May 15, 2017

We know what you’re asking, "Now that WCC is cleaning my house, what am I going to do with all this extra time?" Well, I have put together a list of things around Gillette Wyoming that can be fun. A lot of people say that Gillette is just a small boring town but I have come to realize that there are things to do and those are just boring people. If you really look, there are a lot of things you can do here for fun and a lot of them are either very cheap or even free!


1.Plant a Garden:

Average cost: (off the home depot website) $28.00 for 25 ft of plastic brick edging. $4.47 per bag of garden soil. $34.53 for a 7-piece garden tool set. Seeds range from $1-5 depending on what you are planting.


Gardening is either very relaxing or an absolute waste of time depending on who you are. Yes, it is time consuming pulling weeds, yes, it does take some labor and a lot of sweat, and yes, it is going to cost a little bit of money depending how big you want it, if you want it to be raised up, or in a green house. However, if you just want a small plot in your backyard down at ground level it really is not very expensive and it is very fulfilling.

There are so many things you can do with a garden also! You don't need to plant vegetables, you can have an indoor succulent garden, a garden specifically for herbs, or a flower garden! You can just plant pumpkins so when fall comes you can carve a bunch of jack-o-lanterns. You could even make a fairy garden and spend a lot of time making tiny furniture, cottages, and fencing.



Also, here in Gillette you can become a Master Gardner and learn a lot of useful information about horticulture and meet new people who share their love of gardening.



The above link is to the information page on the master gardening webpage.   


2. Play Disc Golf

Average cost: free, once you pay for the discs which can range between 10 to 30 dollars. I found a beginner disc golf set of 3 discs on Amazon Prime for $19.69 with free shipping. 


There is a disc golf course in the Cam-plex Park over by the Cam-plex off of Garner Lake Rd. The course is fairly large, it is full of trees, and there are always friendly people that go to it. For the people who have never played frisbee golf, it kind of has the same rules as regular golf only you aren't hitting a golf ball into a hole, you are throwing a frisbee into a net. I think it is a good way to spend a nice afternoon outside.  It’s a beautiful park, you can bring your kids and your dog, and you can meet some new people.





3.Bring your kids to the library

Average cost: free


The Campbell County Public Library is a very fun place to go when you're a kid, well to be honest it's actually a pretty fun place to go for all ages.

There are all sorts of events coming up things like:

  • Family movie night on May 9th at 6 pm,

  • Steam Saturday for kids between 3rd and 6th grade 1-4 every Saturday

  • Wiiplay for kids between 3rd grade and 6th grade every Saturday at 1-4 pm, 

  • Tabletop gaming every Tuesday 5:30 to 8;30pm,

  • Going there and just checking out a book or a movie is always fun too,26,31,32,30,

 The above link is to the library events calendar webpage.


4.Ava art center ceramics studio

Average cost: $40 to be a yearly member, $50 a month for the ceramics studio, $30 a month for the ceramics studio if you’re a yearly member. Plus the cost of clay and glaze.


There is a good chance that if you go to this you will meet me there. I love ceramics and I like to support local art. The employees at ava are all very nice and help you with all of your questions.

The above link is to the open studio pottery it has all the information on dates and costs.


Open studio pottery isn’t the only thing to do at the ava center, they have ceramics for kids, you can throw birthday parties there, make silk scarves, and they even hold a painting class that they supply everything and you get to drink wine while you paint!

The link to the ava center is:


5. Hike around Burnt Hollow

Average cost: Free to get in just pay for the gas up there.


25 miles north of town on the east side of Highway 59 there is BLM land that you can explore. Camping up there in the dried-out river bed is always fun. People hike around in the buttes, ride horses, ride their bikes, and about 5 miles south of burnt hollow is a shooting range. It is a nice place to spend a Saturday if you like hiking close to home.

6. Go to the park

Average cost: Free


Gillette has 38 neighborhood parks and 2 regional parks and all together 661.11 acres of developed park land. I don’t have children but on Sundays I like to go to the park with my niece and nephews. We like to go to the park that’s on 4-J right across the street from the library it has a zipline and the kids love it.


Another fun park in Gillette is Bicentennial park off of Warlow Drive. The playground is huge and they have a cave made with a pile of rocks the kids like to explore.


The city park behind Twin Spruce Jr. High is always fun to go play tag in and the fishing lake park has an upside-down merry-go-round that the kiddos are a little hesitant to climb on.


There are plenty of other parks to explore, each one with its own fun little quirks. Gillette now has a dog park to let your fur friends run around and socialize. 


7. Go shopping

Average cost: sometimes too much

Downtown Gillette has some fun shops to go into, it is also kind of fun to just walk around and have lunch. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to go into, I personally like Fiesta Tequila and the Gillette Brewing company. The shops are fun as well, the thrift store is always a good idea, the Cooks Nook and Pats’ Hallmark have a lot of decorations and kitchen supplies, Teachers Corner kids’ mart is a good place to look for a gift for…well… anyone really (if they don’t like toys or board games, why are you friends with them?).

Other cool stores in Gillette are Gift Express, the furniture stores are fun, Prairie Dawn is a store I can spend hours inside because they have seasonal decorations, Jo-Ann fabric is an exciting one if you are crafty, in that area there are a couple boutiques that have some cute things inside, Heaven to Earth sells teas that are amazing, and there are plenty of coffee shops scattered around town.

There are of course a lot more antique shops, thrift stores, boutiques, and shopping marts but that would be a long list to list them all off.


8. Build something

Jump aboard the DIY train, get on Pinterest, and spend days working on a project that, in the end, looks nowhere near as good as the picture (maybe that’s just me).

You could make something productive like a fire pit for your back yard: 

It doesn’t seem very difficult and it will look nice in the end.

  • You could take apart a wooden pallet and make a dog bed:

                                        or a pallet shelf:

  • You could make a mason jar organizer:

  • You could refurbish some old furniture:

Building things is a fun way to be creative, most of the time cheaper than buying them, and a good way to keep yourself busy.


8. Workout

There are 10 or so fitness centers in Gillette the links below are the ones I could find.

Club Energize

CrossFit Brown and Gold:

307 Fitness:

Ignite Pilates:

Rec Center:


9. Shoot pool

Unfortunately, Gillette doesn’t have a pool hall but it does have quite a few bars that have pool tables. The only non-smoking bar that I know of that has a couple tables is Mingles off of the Douglas Highway. Good Times (right down the road from Mingles) has I think 6 or so tables, Jakes Tavern off of Hwy 59 and Southern Drive also has some.


10. Spend time with your family

Save the best for last, of course all of those other things are fun and exciting but the best thing about saving time by hiring us is the family time. Whether it be at the park, home, or the Rock-Pile Museum you get to make even more memories with your loved ones.



























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