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The Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Nerds

May 3, 2017


We love cleaning, you kind of have to in order to run a cleaning company and when you obsess over something you tend to "nerd out" on it. That is exactly what we did at Wyoming Corporate Cleaners, we looked into not only the "why?" but also the "how?". 


We don't just go to our nearest Wal-Mart, pick out our chemicals, and hope they work on all dirt , surfaces, and flooring types. I've got to say, the chemicals we use are very carefully chosen, they are tested for satisfaction, and we have a wide enough range to account for all surface types.


We use a probiotic and I know I talk about that a lot in my other blogs but we love the stuff! It's a good bacteria that combats bad bacteria, how is that not bad ass?




One of the things my cleaners and I are very aware of while cleaning is pH. Not just for the chemical but the soil we are cleaning as well.


pH is the relative measure of acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. It is measured on a scale that runs from 0-14

 7 being neutral, in other words neither acid or alkaline.

Anything less than 7 is an acid , anything greater is alkaline.


In order to clean a surface we need to neutralize the dirt, soil, and oils,  to do that we have to clean the exact opposite pH of the soil we want to remove. Most soils we deal with such as body oils, tomato juice, black coffee, or saliva are acidic so we need to use an alkaline based cleaner to neutralize it. 


With that being said, we of course use acid based cleaners to attack alkaline soils such as soap scum, hard water build up, or bacon grease. 




A soap molecule has one end that is hydrophobic (repels water) and one end that is hydrophilic  (is attracted to water). The bond in between these two ends of the molecule is not very strong and breaks easily. When the bond breaks the result is a residue of soapy dirt. This means we would have to rinse the surface of in order to properly clean the surface for a streak free clean. That is just one more step in cleaning that takes even more time. 


Because of this, we do not use soaps to clean, we use detergents and work smarter not harder. Detergents are made with a synthetic hydrocarbon chain instead of natural animal fat so the bond between the two ends of the synthetic detergent molecule is much stronger. Since they are stronger, they are less likely to break and leave a residue therefor there  is no need to rinse which saves us time and saves you money. 







Micro-fiber clothes are the most amazing invention since the vacuum!  The term "micro" is appropriate because it works at a microscopic level . They use Van der Waals forces (a weak, short range, attractive, electrical force between atoms or molecules)  to almost vacuum up tiny particles of dust and dirt. 


Using just water they reduce soil and germs on a surface up to 99% cotton rags only pick up about 33%. Microfiber cloths also hold up to 6 times their own weight but don't work when they are soaked because the pores are filled. They work best when slightly damp or dry. 


Micro-fiber is made by forcing plastics through a tiny pipe and heating them so they weave together. This makes them 10-20 times smaller than a cotton fiber (1/16 the thickness of a human hair) this is significant because the smaller fibers can pick up smaller particles, ones that a giant cotton fiber would pass right over.



The 4 fundamentals of wet cleaning or soil suspension. It is a very simple acronym. 

C is for chemical

H is for heat

A is for agitation

T is for time or dwell time 

          If one of the fundamentals is increased, another one can be decreased. So if we increase the heat we can decrease the time. 


Melamine Foam

You may know this foam as a magic eraser. We like to use it because it doesn't require chemicals or soaps to do a good job. It works like a pencil eraser (except add water to help it work as an abrasive cleaner) but it also wears down like an eraser. It has a very fine micro-porus structure. When used in cleaning  it works like a very fine sandpaper. Magic erasers look and feel a lot like a regular sponge but when you get down to the microscopic level you find that the micro structure is as hard as glass.


Touch points:

Touch points are areas in your home that get touched the most and therefor are  likely to have the most bacteria. By understanding where germs are most likely to be, and cleaning to successfully remove them, we can protect our clients health even easier. Areas such as:

  • Door handles

  • Phones

  • Remote controls

  • Banisters

  • Toilet handles

  • Computer mice

  • Fridge handle

  • Door knobs

  • Light switch plates

Hygienic cleaning targets and removes pathogens so not only does your house look clean it IS clean down to the microscopic level. 



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