Why do some houses take longer than others?

When we get calls from new customers to have us come do a cleaning bid on their house we often get asked "Why do you need to come look at my house? What makes mine so different?" or some people say "I can clean my house in an hour, why did you bid it at 3 man hours?" Well there are a lot of factors that come into play while cleaning your house that decide how long or short a house should take. Things like:

Different Environments: If you live out in the country on a gravel road, your house is more likely to be dustier than someone who lives in downtown.

Same goes for if you live near a construction site or if your house is under construction. In the winter time if you wear shoes in your house it takes a lot longer to clean up than people who take their shoes off.

Pets: Believe it or not but dog hair is a pain to vacuum off of furniture, lampshades, and flooring. Cat litter takes longer to vacuum up also. Both dogs and cats leave their toys laying around and love to make us pet them while we are cleaning (it's hard to say no!)

Kids: We love kids...and pets...and messes for that matter. We are not complaining about these but we do want people to know that these small things are the difference between a 3 man hour clean and a 4 man hour clean. Small children leave sticky hand prints on...well... everything. Coffee tables, doors, cabinets, chairs, tv stands, the list goes on and on. Children also don't pickup their rooms as well as adults do and working around toys and clothes does take extra time.

Flooring: Carpet is the fastest floor to clean, you just vacuum it once and you're on your way. However, wood floors take about twice as long since we have to vacuum it first then go back over it and mop it. Laminate and vinyl floors might take even longer since they streak so bad (if you have these floors you know what I mean.) Tile floors take longer on the first time clean since we scrub the grout but after that we just mop it.

Showers: Showers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are just the regular plastic shower/tub and those are simple enough. Some are the size of an entire bathroom though with tile on the walls and floor and glass doors. Those take the longest. We have to scrub the grout on the tile each clean which takes a good amount of time, then we have to scrub the calcium build up off of the glass (in Gillette we have extremely hard water and it sticks to everything) Not only is that tricky but we also have to crawl inside your shower in order to clean it properly. Water and chemicals make it very slippery in the shower and we have to put these really cool shoes on so our feet don't get wet and we don't fall and get hurt.

One last thing with showers is if the homeowner uses bar soap instead of body wash, soap scum takes a while to scrape off shower walls and body wash doesn't stick to anything.

Lots of knick-knacks and clutter: I'm sure you can see why this would take longer. We have to be careful not to break any items in your house so we take it slow on shelves with lots of items on them. In cluttered houses we do our best to work around it and try and push it to the side.

Size: The size of a house is the first thing we look at of course its going to take a 3,000 square foot house with 5 bedrooms and 4 and a half bathrooms longer than a 1,500 square foot house with 2 bedroom 1 bathroom.

Like I said earlier we do not complain when we clean a house that has three dogs, wood floors, and a glass shower. Actually we enjoy working more hours and get excited when we come to a house that we can see a difference in the clean. We just want you to know it will take longer because we as a company, take pride in our work and give every house the attention it deserves.

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