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The Power of Probiotic Cleaners

April 20, 2017

 In order to appreciate the products we use inside your homes and offices, I must first explain the microbiological threat on the surfaces of counters, door knobs, toilets, windows, or any other surface in your home. 


When you use harsh chemical disinfectants you are killing both good and bad bacteria. The chemicals only work for a few hours at best (sometimes just minutes) and actually make things worse by giving new bacteria a food source, the germs you just killed leave a layer of dead bacteria that new bacteria hide under and live in called bio-film. 


 Bio-film is a thin layer of microorganisms adhering to the surface of a structure held together with polymers the organisms secrete. Kind of like the plaque on your teeth or slime on river rocks.


Under the bio-film lives bacteria that has developed a resistance to modern cleaning products that can have a huge impact on your health and the quality of air you breath. 


By replacing dangerous pathogens with our powerful probiotic, we control the microbiological environment through natural competition. This micro-organism actually deconstructs the bio-film and is the only product that does this safely, easily, and without chemicals. Without bio-films there is no place for harmful germs to hide and hold dirt. 


Once they take over the food source and kill the bacteria, instead of just covering them up, you get a deeper clean and a better safer air quality so everyone is protected and you and your family can breath easier. 


Studies have shown that using harsh chemicals and disinfectant wipes only work for a couple hours after you sanitize the surface, after that, the left over chemical and dead bacteria become a breeding ground for bacteria and within 1 day the germs will be back. 


Our probiotic cleaners continue working up to three days after they attack a surface. They are completely safe for pets, kids, and food. Meaning if we are spraying your bathroom counter down and accidentally spray some on your tooth brush, there is nothing to worry about it is safe. You can even spray it in your mouth.


We use this wonderful product on all surfaces in a house, it works marvelously on all floor types, glass, mirrors, and any shelving or counters. 


We love this product and it has produced some incredibly happy customers. We hope you get to see why soon. 





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