How to prepare for your house cleaner

We know it's pretty scary getting a new house cleaner.

You might be asking yourself "Can I trust a stranger in my house?"


"What happens if they break something?"

"How do I even prepare for something like that??"

I run the residential side of a cleaning business in Wyoming, I have been cleaning for years and there are a couple of tips I have found that would be incredibly helpful for both the cleaners and the homeowner.

Let me start off by answering those first two questions. Yes, you can trust our crew at your house. Here at Wyoming Corporate Cleaners we take extensive measures to ensure the trust of our employees. We do background checks looking for any theft or drug charges, we give them a drug test before they even start and then do random quarterly drug tests. We have a very good interview system and a detailed training program. By the time they are done with our training program we have worked with them enough and talked to them enough to have our complete trust.

If you are still not convinced (maybe you have a hard time putting trust in people) we will go as far as to run a polygraph test on anyone suspected of theft or any wrong doing. We are serious about this trust issue...If we don't trust our employees, we would never allow them in your house.

Which brings us to the next question on what happens if an item gets broken?

Like I said earlier we trust our employees, we trust that they will bring all breakage forward and not try to hide anything. If something is brought up the employee wont be in trouble, if it is hidden however, it could lead to termination. Wyoming Corporate Cleaners is insured so if something gets broken (it does happen) we are prepared to buy you a replacement.

Which brings us to the last question: How do I prepare?

When all rooms are picked up and tidy we can dedicate more time to cleaning, rather than straightening up. Since we charge for the amount of time we spend in your home, it would be most cost effective if you do the straightening up before we arrive.

Tidying up before we get there also insures that your stray objects get put in the correct place so you wont have to look for the remote or a phone charger.

Placing padding on the feet of furniture pieces like chairs that are on hard wood floors will help prevent the floor from being scratched when the item is moved. (we do not move large items such as couches, bookshelves, or tables)

Placing all small items such as makeup, hair brushes, bobby pins and straighteners in a cabinet or a basket in the bathroom is a huge help to the cleaners. Sometimes it can be very time consuming trying to move everything around on counters to clean underneath and to put it all back exactly where it was. It is so much easier to lift up a basket instead.

Dishes on the kitchen counters or in the sink are hard to work around also. Some companies do your dishes but we don't want to break anything so we ask that you either set them in one side of the sink or put them in the dishwasher so we can access the counter easier.

We love dogs and will probably spoil them with treats (if you show us where they are.)

However, some people have dogs that are very friendly to the homeowner but when it comes to people being in their house when they are not home they get a little protective. Getting growled and barked at by an aggressive dog is a very scary situation, so if you have a protective dog we ask that you keep them locked in a kennel or outside while we are cleaning.

One last thing to be aware of is sidewalks

During the winter it is very hard to walk through inches of snow carrying an armload of supplies. It is VERY appreciated if the walkway is shoveled.

During the other months it is hard to maneuver around excessive lawn ornaments and dead branches. We don't want to break anything or hurt ourselves.

Our techs are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction and we expect to be the best part of your busy day. If an item is over-looked in your house (it does happen) we love feedback and we are willing to come back and catch it. We strive to be the best!

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